The Arts & Academia Writing Specialization


In Pakistan, the realm of literary and scholarly writing presents a vast, yet largely uncharted terrain. Despite the nation brimming with talent and an evident interest in the arts and academia, there's an undeniable dearth of structured platforms and genuine guidance. This gap is amplified by an education system that seems to prioritize business-minded pursuits over nurturing and refining the innate abilities of its students.

Universities, which should serve as fertile grounds for creativity and intellectual development, are often found wanting. Courses on subjects like creative writing and research methodology might be part of the curriculum, but their teachings are, more often than not, confined to theoretical overviews. The practical nuances, the real-world applications, the essence of the art and science of writing—all remain conspicuously absent.

The prevalent approach to education is alarmingly prescriptive. Teaching is frequently reduced to mere content delivery, adhering strictly to university or Higher Education Commission (HEC) guidelines. This rigid framework stifles exploration, innovation, and experiential learning. What's more, many educators are not deeply familiar with the intricacies of these subjects, leading to a concerning scenario of limited expertise guiding eager learners.

Adding to this grim scenario is the university examination system—a system where rote memorization (or "ratta") is not just encouraged but often seems essential for success. Students cram content to regurgitate it on exam papers, only to forget it shortly after. This approach detracts from genuine understanding and application. As a result, the measure of talent and capability is frequently reduced to mere numbers on a transcript. It's an unsettling irony when gold medalists, despite their academic achievements, lack the confidence or capability to speak publicly or articulate their thoughts with clarity and conviction.

In such an environment, aspiring writers and scholars find themselves adrift, lacking direction and clarity. Their potential remains largely untapped, and their passions unchanneled. Our specialization aims to bridge this chasm, offering a beacon of guidance in an otherwise foggy landscape.


Our specialization aims to bridge these gaps. Whether you're a budding poet, an aspiring novelist, or an emerging academic researcher, our courses provide comprehensive guidance, from writing techniques to publishing intricacies.


  • Equip literary enthusiasts with tools to hone their craft.
  • Guide scholars in producing quality research writings.
  • Navigate the labyrinth of the publishing world.
  • Enhance practical understanding and application of learned skills.


  • Structured learning from experienced professionals.
  • Opportunity to get your work recognized and published.
  • Financial assistance for aspiring publishers.
  • Broadened horizons in the literary and academic worlds.

Key Features

  • Publication Support: Backing by Lexicon Labyrinth for eligible projects.
  • Literary Subsidy: Up to 60% off publication charges.
  • Scholarly Subsidy: Up to 60% off scholarly publication costs.
  • Annual Subscription: One author wins a year's publication subscription.
  • International Certificates: Earn globally recognized certificates per specialization.
  • Dual Achievement: Complete both? Earn "The Arts & Academia Writing" accredited certificate.

Join us in our quest to reshape the landscape of writing in Pakistan, making it more accessible, structured, and rewarding. Whether your passion lies in weaving tales or in producing groundbreaking research, we're here to guide you every step of the way.