17 Oct

Stylistics analysis involves analyzing and describing the characteristics of the style. There are three aspects of language that must be taken into consideration when providing a stylistic analysis of news articles: lexical characteristics, rhetorical features, and syntactic elements. A lexical item is a single word, a portion of a word, or a chain of words that make up the basic parts of a language's lexicon; syntax is the study of how words are combined to produce phrases and sentences. Rhetorical language, also known as speech or writing meant to influence others and convince them to do or follow something, is another type of linguistic characteristic. Lexical aspects are those that pertain to the vocabulary and include things like words, names, and titles.

A look at how ads are presented stylistically: https://www.dawn.com/news/1617585

“PML-N trounces PTI in Daska re-election.” 

In big, bold letters, this is the news's headline, a simple statement with one independent clause and a phrase. The text contains a proper noun as well as two abbreviations.

Stylistics Analysis of Lexical, Rhetorical, and Syntactic Features in the Headline 

 Stylistic Features of  Headline  PML-N trounces PTI in Daska re-election.  

Lexical Features
Abbreviation02PTI and PML-N
Shortening  00 
CompoundWords  01Re-election
Fuzzy Words00   
ProperNouns  01Daska
Total features  04 

Rhetorical Features  
Metaphor  01Trounces
Alliteration  00   
Rhyme  00 
Idiom  0 0 
 Total features  01  

Syntactic Features  
Use of phrases   01
Daska Re-election
Use of clauses   01
PML-N tronces PTI in Daska re-election.
Simple sentences  01  
PML-N tronces PTI in Daska re-election.
Compound  sentences   0
Complex sentences   0
Total features  03 

Let us give the stylistic analysis of the body part of the news 

Lexical Features:

Lexical Features 
Abbreviation 04PML-N, PTI, L, NA
Shortening 02By-poll, goven’s
Compound words 04Combination, much-awaited, re-election, unofficial.
Fuzzy words 
Proper nouns 12Ali Asad Malhi, Nosheen Iftikhar, Maryam,Gujrat, Daska, National Assembly,February, Saturday, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Tehreek-i-insaf,Tahreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, Khalil Sandhu.
Total features 22 

Rhetorical Features:

Rhetorical Features  
Metaphor   02lost people’s trust, defeating the ruling party.
Alliteration   00 
Rhyme   01Violence disappearance
Idiom   0 0 
Total features  


Syntactic Features:

Syntactic Features  
Use of phrases  11much awaited re-election, lost people’s trust, for carrying arms, for creating unrest, constituency of the national assembly, on Saturday, after February, by violence, by defeating the ruling party, by the returning officer. 
Use of clauses  08 In the much-awaited reelection in the Daska constituency of the National Assembly,  the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Saturday emerged victorious, defeating the ruling party’s candidate, a margin of 16,642 votes, According to unofficial result of all 360 polling stations,
   Syeda Nosheen Iftikhar won the contest, Ali Asjad Malhi who bagged 93,433, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan’s Khalil Sandhu received 8,268 votes.
Simple sentences  03This combination photo shows PTI candidate Ali andPML-N’s Nosheen., Three PTI men held for carrying arms.,Six PML-N men arrested forcreating unrest., 
Compound  sentences  02Maryam says the government has lost people’s trust. Three PTI men were held for carrying arms, six PML-N men were arrested for creating unrest. 
Complex sentences  02In the much-awaited reelection in the Daska(NA-75) constituency of the National Assemblyafter the February by-poll had been marred byviolence, rigging anddisappearance of over 20 presiding officers, the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Saturday emerged victorious by defeating the ruling party’s candidate with a margin of 16,642 votes.
Compound Complex sentence01According to unofficial result of all 360 pollingstations compiled by the returning officer, PML-
   N’s Syeda Nosheen Iftikhar won the contest by securing 110,075 votes against PakistanTehreek-i-Insaf’s Ali Asjad Malhi who bagged93,433, while Tehreek-iLabbaik Pakistan’s KhalilSandhu received 8,268 votes.
Total features  27 

There are 27 syntactic features, 3 rhetorical features, and 22 lexical attributes in the main body of the story, and 4 lexical features, 1 rhetorical feature, and 3 syntactic features in the subject sentence. The provided text has a total of sixty (60) stylistic elements.